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Good news! Now is a great time to be thinking about an Apprenticeship in Oxfordshire, there are lots of vacancies on offer.

More good news! Apprenticeships are available in more job roles and at higher qualification levels than ever before.

So whether you’re thinking about what to do after you leave school, or you are already in work and making a career change, the choice in Apprenticeships available to you has never been greater.


Apprenticeship opportunity at BMW Group

Would your child be interested in applying for an apprenticeship with BMW Group?  Recruitment is now open, and the recruitment and training teams are holding an Apprenticeship open evening on Thursday 17th January 19 from 5.30pm in.

The event is aimed at parents, teachers and current year 11-13 students looking to start an apprenticeship in August 2019 onwards.  It will give them the fantastic opportunity to talk to current and former apprentices, as well as training managers, to find out more about the programmes contents and benefits.

In addition, they will have the chance to get advice on the recruitment process from the recruitment team.

The event will take place in the T-building, and visitors can join from either 5.30-7pm or 7.00-8.30pm.  Registrations can be made via


If you are still at school, you will know that the government wants to keep young people in education until they are older. This doesn’t mean you have to stay at school though and the good news is that an Apprenticeship is an acceptable learning programme after GCSEs. 

Two of the many reasons Apprenticeships are a great way into a new career:

  • Earn while you learn
  • Apprenticeships are the best way to get qualified while getting experience at the same time. And because you are learning on the job, you will also be earning a wage.

Best of both worlds!

More choice than you might realise

Apprenticeships are available in a huge range of job roles and new qualifications are being developed all the time. And because more Apprentices can now gain qualification levels equivalent to university and graduate degrees, this is opening up new opportunities in areas such as accountancy, legal professions and high-tech industries

Apprenticeships are becoming a lot more desirable and sought after. With businesses understanding and valuing the idea of training and shaping a young mind from scratch, and with learning and development opportunities for young people, it is clear to see how apprenticeships are appealing. Continuing studying at school or moving onto university aren't the only paths, so what is an apprenticeship?

A real job, a real qualification, a real future.

Apprenticeships give young people the opportunity to work for a real employer, earn a real salary and gain a real qualification whilst gaining valuable workplace skills and experience.

Anyone living in England, over 16 years old and not in full-time education can apply to be an apprentice.

Earn while you learn.

All apprentices must receive the appropriate national minimum wage of £3.30 per hour.

A real job.

All apprentices should work for at least 30 hours a week, apart from in exceptional circumstances. Over 150,000 employers are offering Apprenticeships in more than 200,000 locations. Apprenticeships are available at Intermediate, Advanced and Higher (degree) level, covering more than 170 industries and 1500 job roles, from advertising to youth work via environmental engineering and nuclear decommissioning.

A real qualification.

Quality is key to Apprenticeships. All Apprenticeships must be at least 12 months long and lead to a national qualification that is respected by employers around the world.

A real future.

After finishing, the majority of apprentices (85%) will stay in employment, with two-thirds (64%) staying with the same employer. A third (32%) of all former apprentices had received a promotion within 12 months of finishing, and of those in work, three quarters (75%) reported taking on more responsibility in their job. Employers think that qualified apprentices are 15% more employable than those with other qualifications.

What types of Apprenticeship are there?

There are three types of Apprenticeship that vary depending on current skills and qualifications:

1 - Intermediate Level Apprenticeships - Offers GCSE level equivalent qualifications.

2 - Advanced Level Apprenticeships - Offers A-Level equivalent qualifications.

3 - Higher Apprenticeships - Offers Degree level equivalent qualifications.

Apprenticeships, School Leaver Programmes and Sponsored Degrees

Below is a list of companies that recruit young people every year for apprenticeships, school leaver programmes or sponsored degrees. Deadlines and start dates vary according to the company. Check individual sites regularly for vacancies.

 Accounting, Administration, Business, Finance and Management 

Aon Apprenticeship Scheme – A levels required

Barclays Apprenticeship Scheme – GCSEs required.

BDO School Leavers Scheme – A levels required

Boots Advanced Apprenticeship – A levels required

Deloitte School Leavers Programme – A levels required – on-going recruitment

Ernst & Young Accountancy Programme – A levels required

HSBC Apprenticeship Programme – GCSEs required

KPMG Sponsored Degree – A Levels required.

PwC Sponsored Degree – A Levels required.

Tesco Management Training Scheme – A Levels required.

Visa – In accounting, business and technology


B Constructive

BEST – Nationwide. GCSEs required.

CITB – Nationwide. Some GCSEs required.


Engineering (Electrical and Mechanical)

Discover Engineering – Link to companies that offer apprenticeships

Balfour Beatty – Engineering

JTL – Electrical, Engineering and Plumbing

BAA – Engineering

Remit – Motor Vehicle Apprenticeships

Royal Mail – Engineering and Vehicle

Arqiva – Nationwide. GCSEs required.

Atomic Weapons Establishment – No qualifications specified.

BAA – GCSEs required.

BAM Nuttall Civil Engineering & Surveying – GCSEs required.

BP Trainee Officer Programme – Nationwide. A Levels required.

BT – Nationwide. GCSEs required.

British Gas  – Nationwide. 4 GCSEs required.

EDF Energy Apprenticeship – GCSEs required.

E:ON – Nationwide. GCSEs required.

JTL  – Nationwide. No qualifications specified but GCSEs preferred.

Laing O’Rourke Advanced Apprenticeship  – GCSEs required.

Network Rail Advanced Apprenticeship – GCSEs required.

NG Bailey – Nationwide. GCSEs incl. English/Maths/Science.

National Grid Advanced Apprenticeship – GCSEs required.

Persimmon Homes – Nationwide. 5 GCSEs required.

Remit Motor Mechanics – Nationwide. GCSEs required.

Thames Valley Water – 4 GCSEs required.

Virgin Media – Nationwide. GCSEs required.


Funeral Care

Co-op – Funeral service apprenticeship



CapGemini – GCSEs or A Levels required

IBM – Nationwide. A Levels required.

Microsoft – Berkshire. GCSEs required.

Microsoft Apprenticeship Films!

Pearson (formerly Zenos) – Nationwide. GCSEs required.



ITV Apprenticeships – Opportunities in media and business administration.


Retail/Customer Service

Co-op – Vacancies in legal, HR, food, motors & much more

Superdrug – Applications on-going

Remit – GCSEs required – grades not specified



Yachting Apprenticship with UKSA – Applications on-going but deadline for bursaries is the end of April



Hays Travel – Nationwide. GCSEs required.

Thomas Cook – Nationwide. GCSEs required.

Thomson – Nationwide. No formal qualifications required.


Please find links below to current Apprenticeship Vacancies:

For more information, go to and visit the section on apprenticeships.