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6th Form

A key aspect of this success is the extensive support network that exists in the school, open to our students through the pastoral care system, made up of a team of specialised sixth form advisors, careers advisors and a dedicated sixth form teaching staff. The school is committed and passionate about ensuring that every individual students receives specialised support and guidance throughout their time in the sixth form, to ensure they are fully prepared and informed of the many opportunities available to them when they leave. While we encourage all students to consider university as an option we also have a very successful track record for supporting students to secure high quality apprenticeships and permanent positions in employment in this ever increasingly competitive job market.


Our school careers co-ordinator works closely with our 2 local colleges, Oxford City and Abingdon & Witney.  We have recently had a representative from A&W in the school to talk about what courses are on offer, the different levels available and how to make an application.  We also promote any open events the colleges are running and encourage our students to attend. 


The school has links to a number of apprenticeship providers, including AIM who recently came into the school to talk to some of our year 11 students about the different types and levels of apprenticeships, how you apply and what they as an organisation can do to support people seeking apprenticeship positions.  We advertise apprenticeship positions to students when we are made aware of them.

Guidance in making your destination decisions

The school employs an independent careers advisor, Siobhain O'Toole, from the service Adviza for 25 days a year.  Our careers co-ordinator Mrs Franklin, co-ordinates appointments for year 11 students that have either been identified by staff as requiring support, or indeed have recognised themselves that this is a valuable resource in deciding on their future options.  Siobain will also see students from years 10, 12 and 13 when relevant.

Mrs Franklin is employed on a permanent part time basis and is available to support students from all year groups.